TimeStation Logo The DAKO-TimeStation is an easy product for entry control and time tracking of your staff.
Employees are able to manage their own status and display what they are currently doing - if they are at (external) work, break or private. For the time tracking you only need a TimeStation and a RFID-Karte card. If you have employees that are working external or at home office you are also able to give them the ability to use the DAKO TimeStation via Web TS without any physical TimeStation.

  • Easy capturing of working hours in realtime of everyone worldwide
  • Optimal time management with and without hardware support
  • Gapless proof of working hours with correction ability
  • Data storage in our security datacentre
  • Flexible personnel and project planning
  • Easy and clear documentation
  • Planning of holidays, shifts and absences
  • Starter package includes the company registration + 1 TimeAdministrator + 1 guest card
  • Enormous analyses and lists with print output
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports
  • XML interface / output for paysplit and payroll
  • Simple registration, connecting hardware with LAN -> finished
  • no additional software or updates required
  • comfortable adding of employees everytime
  • your (time) administrator controls the data provision

Lichtschranke Die DAKO-TimeStation kann mehr als nur Zeiterfassung - sie kann auch Alarmgeber sein. Konkret bedeutet dies, dass Sie beispielsweise eine Lichtschranke, einen Glaßbruchsensor oder andere Sicherheitssysteme an die TimeStation anschließen können. Im Alarmfall meldet sich die TimeStation bei unserem Rechenzentrum, welches die von Ihnen hinterlegte Alarmzentrale mittels zukunftssicheren VdS2465 alarmiert. Auf Basis eines redundanten Netzwerks in Form von Kabel -und Funkübertragung ist das Unterbrechen der kabelgebundenen Kommunikation für Kriminelle zwecklos.

Hardware images(Click to enlarge)

TimeStation Basis with wall casing TimeStation Basis with weather protection casing TimeStation Super with wall casing (profile) TimeStation Basis with table casing

The software of the TimeStations is a web interface. All collected daily activities will be saved in the DAKO datacentre and displayed in an edited way within the web. The web portal provides employees the ability to track their daily activities, whereas administrators have unrestricted access to all saved data, they can start various analyses and if necessary do manual enrolments. Beside the web portal there is another portal for the mobile usage of TimeStation wihtout the need of the physical device.

Software images(Click to enlarge)

Presence as timelines Analysis via timelines Numeric analysis Daily activities Surface for administrators
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