Blitz With the DAKO-Blitz you are able to read and archive driver cards and tachographs of all manufactures (Actia, Stoneridge, EFAS, VDO) - without any prior knowledge. With the DAKO-Blitz you are able to fulfil the legal requirements. The DAKO-Blitz provides a full automatic download of the driver-/vehicle data and stores them to the microSD-Card. After the download the databases can be preprocessed and analyzed at a computer with one of the DAKO-Tacho applications.

  • 92 days activities, overview, events / disturbances, 24h velocity data, technical databases
  • driver card (if available)
  • Automatic download of the data after the connection
  • Compatible to all certified tachographs (Actia, Stoneridge, EFA, VDO)
  • Unforgeable through the usage of signatures
  • Enormous storage capacity through the microSD-Card (more than 1000 downloads)
  • tiny and little companies with commercial vehicles = 2,8t and/or Taxis
  • craftsmans and contractors with orders greater than 100km
  • self-driving entrepreneurs

With one of our DAKO-Tacho applications (DAKO-QuickView, DAKO-TachoView; DAKO-TachoView Expert) you are able to create enormous analyses with the downloaded databases. (As far as the needed data pool was downloaded.)
  • Daily activities
  • Remaining pause times
  • Daily driving period or work time
  • Display of driving period transgression
  • Printout of (daily/weekly) violations
  • Creation of monthly overviews
  • Brake retardation
  • Velocity profile
  • Speed profile
  • Mileages
  • Driver card
  • Vehicle data
  • Disturbances
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DAKO-QuickView DAKO-TachoView DAKO-TachoView Expert DAKO-Blitz-Tool Key-Download
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